Brenden Brusberg

See Beyond Perception and Find Peace

Here I will soon be posting all of my projects and hopefully they will soon be interactive as well. Also, I will be posting about me in general, hobbies, activities, etc. Optimized images thanks to Ron Joemer. Check me out on Quora where I answer questions about learning how to program, understanding math, learning practices and much more.

Information for nerds like me: I host this website at my own home using a Raspberry Pi. I designed and now maintain the backend and did the html. However, I could not have done this with out the help of a great friend John Murzaku mentoring me on CSS and JS. As you can see this site runs on port 81, an extra $10 a month for worse internet to open port 80 is not worth it. I do use ssh and github to develop, do not worry, I made my own automated bash scripts to update [I have changed my ssh password and keys].